“What!???!!?! A new post from the CBB blog!”, you say.  Yes, it’s true.  Though, let us be frank. We here at CBB have been working like a business of ferrets who are systematically intrigued to maneuver through a labyrinth of toilet paper roles, paper boxes and hidden Cheerios (a ferret favorite as we all know).  However, as the lack of recent postings have made blatantly obvious, we have not done such swell job of relaying the aforementioned busyness.  I know the wrinkle in your forehead is setting in at this very moment, but balk not my caffeine-loving, blog-reading friend.  I desire to present to you a query, nay a call for feedback. As we have recently been receiving some “in-shop” rebuking and considerations, we here at CBB want to know what YOU (insert pic of Uncle Sam pointing at your face) want from the blog.  And though I am moved quickly to give some catalyst-like recommendations, I will hold back my mental foray of things I think you should say and trust that YOU are way too awesome for such weak attempts of manipulation.  So please reply.  Please.

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