New Drinks!

As the weather changes, so have our featured drinks. Check out our “featured drinks” tab to see what’s new on the menu this month!

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One thought on “New Drinks!

  1. okay, shut up! You all are having WAY too much fun without me and I am really missing you all as I catch up on this site, sitting holding my sleeping 4 month old in Seattle. Life is just not the same without your faces everyday, and hello, how could my life possibly be complete without getting to enjoy the marvelous pic of Amy the Bee?!!!

    I am now a barista for a party of 1. He pretty much orders the same thing everyday, many times a day, and at night actually. Just straight up milk. The work is hard with little pay, but I hear the rewards program is exceptional so I’m sticking with it.

    I love you all!!!!
    Maija & Noah

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