La Minita Terrazu this Friday

So this is definately worth your Friday afternoon to come down and have a cup of this. Our roaster Mike says this coffee reminds him of a delicious chocolate truffle. This is what he had to say about the grower of this amazing Costa Rican coffee.

“Tarrazu coffee has for many years been recognized as one of the great coffees of the world. Using this superior raw material, La Minita workers have taken the time, trouble and expense to prepare a coffee that no other can match. La Minita has a special crew of pickers that are instructed to pick only the ripest of beans. At the mill, extreme care is taken in the handling of this coffee. The last step before bagging is a special hand sorting to remove any remaining defects. A top sorter can clean no more than 50 lbs. in one day. For every 100 lbs. of raw material, only 23 lbs. of it ends up as La Minita Tarrazu. Yearly, Hacienda La Minita produces, 1700 bags of the world famous La Minita Tarrazu coffee. The owner of Hacienda La Minita handles all of the export and distribution of this coffee directly.

Klatch Roasting was one of the few specialty coffee roasters in the United States selected to carry this superb coffee and we are proud of that fact. Only roasters that are informed, interested and enthusiastic about coffee were chosen. We look forward to offering you this coffee for years to come. With La Minita we can comfortably say the quality will always be in the cup!”

Its brewing this Friday at CBB so come down and try some, or get a french press of it if you have some time to stick around.

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