Downtown LA, Fashion District: field trip!

On a cloudy, wet October morning, seven adventurers set out on a journey to the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles. The mission: find comfortable t-shirts in to-die-for colors upon which to design fabulous wearables for Coffee by the Books and Fuller Bookstore. The outcome: a day full of metro rides, broken Spanish, bartering and laughter not soon to be forgotten.

Fashion District

Jaime and Joseph contemplating and conjecturing about the wealth of downtown L.A.’s culture, clothing and under estimated beauty (actually, they are just totally lost).

Fashion District

The adventure team: Dan the Man, Morgana, Joseph, Jaime, Lisa, Joy (aka Joya, aka Joysephine, aka Joy Joy) and, of course, our marvellous photographer and graphic designer Glo.

Fashion District

Los Angeles on a foggy morning and the delusion that fog causes Californians (especially Joy).

Fashion District

Which way do we go?
Fashion District

Above photos: Through Glo’s lense: The Memorial Park metro station in Pasadena.
Below photos: Pasadena City Hall at 8 am and the crazy people who inhabit it.
Fashion District
Fashion District

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