A sad day

To all of those who frequent our doors and have been blessed in years past and present by the atmosphere and beverage created at CBB, we are sad to inform you that a major part of what made CBB into its being has left. Friday August 3, long-time manager, inventor, barista, and down right great guy Dave Scott walked through the doors and said good-bye. He and his wife Betsy and their son JJ are moving on up, to the east side, the northeast to be exact. They have taken off for Ohio and have left a legacy of love and prosperity here at Coffee by the Books and they will be missed dearly. Dave has instilled a long tradition of the pursuit of great coffee and a love for the farmers that produce it. He has also set huge trends in conservational practices here at CBB and inspired a great deal of the Fuller and Pasadena community to do likewise. We will miss you bro. Cheers.


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2 thoughts on “A sad day

  1. We miss seeing you all every day and think of you so much!! You were always a great source of joy for us, especially JJ!! It was his second home. Thank you for loving us. I’m (Dave) glad you’ve got this blog up and running. We will make sure and check it out to keep up on what’s going on. Rock on CBB!!!

  2. We don’t know if our 1st comment went through…so here goes a second time. We miss seeing you all every day and think of you often! You were always a great source of joy for our family, especially JJ. You were practically his second home. I’m (Dave) so glad you have this website up and running. We’ll be sure to check it often to keep up to date. Thanks for loving us!

    Scott Fam

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